Snugtime Baby and Kids Sleeping Bags

By | April 26, 2011

Snugtime LogogWe recently moved to a new website, but didn’t move all our more indepth information, so here’s an outline on Snugtime baby and kids sleeping bags from our old site that may provide some extra information to help you decide on the best option for you. Snugtime sleeping bags from the blanket sleeper range are styled like body suites, including legs which allow your child to move unrestricted and giving everyone more chance of a good night sleep. As babies become toddlers, or babies who just love to stand up at a young age, typical sleeping bags can feel too restrictive, but younger children also tend to kick off blankets so they wake up cold. Snugtime blanket sleepers offer a fantastic alternative that stay on, but don’t restrict leg movement.

Snugtime blanket sleepers, which have legs and arms, also have grips on the feet that help avoid slips and let your child walk around while they do their teeth and other night time activities just before going to bed. Snugtime sleeping bags come in a cute range of colours and designs, so checkout our Snugtime baby and kids sleeping bag range for a better nights sleep.

When selecting your sleeping bag, take note of the TOG rating. TOG is a British test that rates the thermal resistance of fabric. It is an initial guide only, and doesn’t account for styling. Garments with a high Tog rating are better suited to cold winter nights, whereas those with a low Tog rating are suited to warm summer nights. As an example, for a baby only wearing a nappy, if the room temperature is 18-22°C an outfit with a TOG rating of 2 would be most appropriate. However, this is a guide only and children should be checked for signs of overheating. If the baby is also wearing a top & pants, this would add to the TOG rating. The TOG rating & approximate suitable temperature is listed with each item.

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