Grobag New 2012 Styles Now At Motherslove

By | February 23, 2012

Grobag Baby Sleeping BagGrobag are likely the most well known baby sleep bag brand in Australia. They are produced by The Gro Company, which is based in the UK, and are a premium sleeping bag with a focus on quality, safety and comfort for your baby. The range just released meets the new British Standards, and in fact as the pioneer of sleeping bags in the UK, The Gro Company has been a big part of developing these standards.

A clever inclusion with the new range is the bonus room thermometer to help parents decide the best bag and clothing combination for different room temperatures. I’ve also included below the Grobag table which is a guide for what to wear depending on the temperature. Since cooler weather leading to Winter is only a couple of months away, we have mainly stocked the Tog 1.0 and Tog 2.5 range. Grobag also has a Tog 0.5 bag which we just stocked in one style, but can get in more if you let us know in the comments!

So have a look at the table below to decide what sleeping bag and clothing suites your baby best, and then have a look at our Grobag Baby Sleep Bag range. Just remember to also think about how much heating you use in Winter, not just the outside temperature. A hot baby is not a comfy or safe baby! Visit for our whole range.

Grobag ‘What to wear’ Guide:

What your baby wears will depend on the tog of Grobag baby sleep bag and the temperature of the baby’s bedroom. (In the same way as you would adjust nightclothes and number of blankets). As a guide, please refer to the table below. Please remember, though, that babies are all different and, just as with blankets and sheets, you will soon discover what your baby is most comfortable wearing – placing your fingers on your baby’s chest is the best indicator of whether they are too hot/too cold/just right as babies’ hands often feel cool.

Nursery temperature 2.5 tog 1.0 tog 0.5 tog
26°C (79°F) Short-sleeved bodysuit
24°C (75°F) Short-sleeved bodysuit
22°C (71°F) Long-sleeved bodysuit
20°C (69°F) Long-sleeved bodysuit Short-sleeved bodysuit and pyjama top
18°C (65°F) Long-sleeved bodysuit and pyjama top
16°C (61 °F) Long-sleeved bodysuit and sleepsuit/pyjama set

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