Baby and Children’s Winter Essentials

By | February 28, 2012

Summer may only just be coming to a close, but Winter stock is already arriving! To avoid missing out on the styles and sizes you want for your child, now is the time to figure out what you need. We’ve put together a series of tips on what you should consider adding to the shopping list for this Winter. In this first Post we’re talking about bedding.

Grobag Flutterby Sleeping BagYou can’t go past bedding as a key Winter necessity for baby and children. We prefer sleeping bags, especially for newborns as they reduce the risk of baby getting caught up in sheets and blankets, which can restrict breathing. Also, as baby and toddler our children tend to move around a lot when sleeping and frequently kick off their blankets, so sleeping bags ensure a better night sleep, especially in Winter when little ones can’t pull their own sheets and blankets back up. Around the age of 3 to 4 years our daughter didn’t move around as much and could pull up her own blankets, but we found she still has a better sleep with blanket sleepers.

When you first get your sleeping bag, it’s important to check that baby’s head can’t slip through the neck opening. Other sleeping bag features that can be helpful are an opening at the back and double zip at the front so you can feed a pram or car harness through, and a cover at the top of the zip so it doesn’t scratch you child’s neck, plus the new ZipClick™ system from Grobag helps stop little fingers from opening the zip. Tog rating can also be a great guide for the thermal rating of the sleeping bag, you can refer to our article Grobag New 2012 Styles for their guide on what to wear with each tog rating.

Snugtime Blanket Sleeper

Blanket Sleepers are great for independent toddlers and children

When baby starts to transition to toddler and begins standing up, they can also develop a dislike for standard sleeping bags. Each child has their own preferences, but in our case once standing and jumping became a popular activity in the cot, standard sleeping bags were too restrictive and no longer welcomed by either of our children. Blanket kick offs were still a regular nightly activity, so we luckily found the third option of blanket sleepers. Blanket sleepers from Snugtime have been a great Winter sleeping bag alternative, as they are basically a full outfit with arms and legs so our children actually like to wear them, and they also have a tog rating of 2.0 which is good for cold nights, and can be mixed with light undergarments for different temperatures.

So from our experience, traditional sleeping bags are good for newborns up to around 18 months to 3 years in Summer and Winter depending on whether your child finds them restrictive, Blanket sleepers are good from 1 year up to 7 years during Winter, and sheets with blankets are good from around 3-4 years. Hope this helps with you bedtime accessories this Winter! Visit for our whole range.

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