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Snugtime Winter 2012 Sleeping Bags Released!

The weather may be a bit confusing at the moment, but we’re definitely getting some hints of what is to come when Winter hits. Snugtime baby and kids sleeping bags are a popular choice around this time of year, especially for parents with toddlers who want the freedom to stand up, jump around and throw their pillow out of the cot, along with everything else they can lay their little hands on. The well-known Snugtime blanket sleepers are the ideal choice for toddlers as they offer a good level of warmth with a Tog 2.0 rating, allow little walkers to move around to their hearts content, and offer Winter comfort for children all the way up to Size 7.

Snugtime Blanket SleepersSnugtime Blanket Sleepers have an inner cotton lining so they are comfy to wear, and they have an outer polyester fleece in a selection of bright colours which is light but also traps in air making it a great insulator to hold warmth like a woollen blanket. Typically people equate padding with warmth, but a fleece fabric is just as effective and offers more flexibility, so it’s better to be guided by the Tog Rating rather than ‘it feels thicker’. A higher Tog Rating means the fabric of the sleeping bag holds in more heat, with Tog 2.0 to 2.5 being good for cold Winter nights (don’t forget to consider a lower Tog Rating if you use heating at home!). If the blanket sleepers used padding like that used in the Cosibag, they would be stiff and cumbersome to wear, turning toddlers into walking starfish 🙂

Snugtime Cosi BagSnugtime also offers the CosiBag as a baby sleeping bag in sizes from 000 up to 2 years. CosiBags are available in a range of Tog ratings depending on the season, with thermal ratings to suit Summer nights at Tog 0.2 up to a maximum Winter rating of Tog 2.5. Many designs also offer the ‘Gap Strap’ with an overlapped opening at the back and double zip at the front so you can feed a car or pram harness buckle and strap through. The Cosibag also comes in a range of bright colours and striped patterns plus has cute motifs for extra fun mirror gazing at toothy brush time.

Snugtime New Cosi Bag Design

New Cosibag Design with Zip Running Front to Back

A new Cosibag design Snugtime has introduced really caught my attention with some clever ideas. The Steel Blue, Red and Grey Hoodie Fleece Cosibags have a great nappy change concept with the zip running down the middle, going all the way around the bottom, and then up the back to babies waist. So you can get easy access for nappy changes as the Cosibag can be opened out sideways. This is potentially even better than the zip around the  side and fold open bags as there is less chance of making a mess on the inside of babies sleeping bag. The second clever innovation is the underarm elastic that runs from under each arm and all the way across the back for a snug fit that is more adjustable than just have an extra snap under each arm. All up a clever Cosibag with designer style fabrics and graphics.

You can see the range at our Snugtime section or view our whole baby sleeping bags range. If you want more information on what to wear with different Togs, have a look at our Grobag Winter 2012 New Release article. Visit for our whole range.