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Organic Cotton Makes Healthy Clothes

It is true, people buy organic foods for the health benefits and even if it is usually significantly more expensive. But lately, the clothing market for organically grown cotton has been growing. Well, I actually found out that people buy clothing made from organic cotton for the same reason as organic foods: a healthier choice.

Organic Kids and Babies clothing

Certified organic cotton is cotton grown without the use of harmful pesticides, herbicides or artificial fertilizers. Organic cotton is extremely breathable, very soft, friendly to the skin to the point that it can be worn by people with chemical sensitivities and relieve some of the symptoms of eczema.

It is always tempting to go for the bargain clothes and ignore pricier organic cotton clothing. But do remember, the other stuff is cheaper because many costs have been externalized. Organic cotton growers and clothing manufacturers take responsibility for all costs: financial, environmental and human…

All right, enough said, as parents, you obviously want to limit your baby’s exposure to residue from chemicals involved with the production of non organic cotton, making fabric very hazardous for a baby’s skin.

At Motherslove, we are fully aware that babies and kids’ skin are very sensitive and more susceptible to allergies. That is why we are stocking the New Winter Collection from Purebaby and Purekids for you.

Purebaby Organic CothingPurebaby Organic CothingPurekids Organic Clothing

They offer beautiful and simple products using only organically grown and harvested cotton for babies and kids from 3 months to 8 years of age.

Stay Safe,

Welcome the Arrival of Sylvanian Families

Welcome to the wonderland of Sylvanian Families. The Sylvanian families live in the idyllic world of Sylvania and love to encourage traditional family life play incorporating house, furniture, accessories and memorable characters all with incredible detail that you’ll adore. If you loved the Sylvanian cartoon, you do not want miss the chance to get to know the real  families and the interesting stories behind them.

Sylvanian Families

Sylvanian Families Kids Collectibles

The cute fluffy mice, bears, kangaroos and a lot more animal characters which form inevitable attractions in any kid’s life. Since launch back in the 90s, Sylvanian Families are always in great demand. Nowadays the market is inundated with tons of toys with all kinds of shapes and colors. However, this does not make choosing a safe piece of toy that motivates and guides children any easier. Toys play a pivotal role in fine honing kid’s logical thinking and aptitude. It is parent’s duty to buy your kids safe and useful children toys to make this world a better place for them.

Each character has a role of mother, father, sister, brother or baby. Children just love to mix and match their favorite figures and throw a big party for them.  It could be considered as a trial run for every child and see where their imagination lead them in these affable family settings. By familiarizing themselves with these figures, children can easily relate to these animals that can talk and move because they resemble their human counterparts on so many levels!  Aren’t these thoughtfully made lovely toys educational?

Family Setting

Family Setting

One obvious reason behind the popularity of the Sylvanian Family children toys is certainly their look. The chracters have been true to their name, and they show human qualities at the same time. Another reason is the extremely delicate detailing with which these toys are manufactured. If you look closely, you will be surprised at the number of accessories available to the Sylvanian Families. They cover everything you can imagine that the humans need for daily life. For example, each of the households has kitchens, toilets, beds, sofa sets, dining tables, tea tables and every other thing that they want. who can resist the chance to have a pretend play?
Family Animal Figures

Family Animal Figures

the Sylvania Families concept is unique and endearing to the kids, which kindles warmth and familiy ties in the young minds of children.

There are children toys for fun, education and entertainment and while choosing a toy for your little ones, make sure that it enhances their thinking abilities, coordination, expression as well as their imagination.
Tell us which Sylvanian Family appeals to you most down below and don’t forget to go explore their colorful and lively world on our website.

Exciting Melissa and Doug Toys Released!

The wait is over, we finally have the exciting and unique range of Melissa and Doug toys online for you to check out. We bet there is a perfect piece of toy for children of all ages!

Melissa and Doug Classic Wooden Toys

Melissa and Doug Classic Wooden Toy

When it comes to children toys, safety is our biggest concern, well thanks to Melissa & Doug, this reliable company has done all the audit, inspect and test for us, not only once but at various stages of production. So you can definitely trust the products you bring into your home and enjoy them with confidence.

Our Melissa and Doug range covers classic wooden toys which you grandpa used to play, games, pretend plays, puzzles and so much more.  Some toys have brought us so much fun for generations. Just like the wooden stacking train in the picture, it has always been the top seller and of incredible collectible value. Their durable material allow children to enjoy the

Melissa and Doug Nina Ballerina Dress-Up Doll

Melissa and Doug Nina Ballerina Dress-Up Doll

creative fun for years to come. Our dress-up figures offer you imaginative fun for the whole family to play at home or on the go. Also, you do not want to miss our puzzles as you are never too young or too old to play one of our puzzles.  Everybody is tempted to get  their hands on these educational yet interesting toys, the problem is , can you put them down?

Let us know what was your favorite toy when you were a kid and what would you like your kid to have down below in the comment.


Melissa and Doug Stacking Train

Melissa and Doug Stacking Train

There will be more toys coming up on our Motherslove website, so stay tuned. Don’t forget to sign up for our website newsletter for monthly updates, new releases as well as great sales!


Until next time, have fun and be good!