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Skip Hop Fun Kids Night Lights

Skip Hop recently released a new range of kids night lights to match in with their Zoo range themes. I think they have done a great job on the character details, with the outside design really bringing characters like the owl, monkey and butterfly to life. The night lights run on 3x AAA batteries (not included), which is good as it means they are portable, but also means you will eventually need to replace the batteries. However they use LED lights, so they will likely last quite a while before you either need to replace the batteries or recharge if you decide to use more sustainable rechargeable batteries. As they don’t need a power cord they also work well when there isn’t a power-point nearby, and less concerning when your child wants to sleep with it (not recommended, but my son was pretty keen).

Skip Hop Monkey Night Light

Skip Hop Monkey Night Light illuminated front

The use of LED lights means the nightlight will stay cool, and the carry handle on top means the Skip Hop night light is easy to carry as a companion for toilet trips. The carry hand is a good size for younger children, and more of a 2-3 finger hold for adults. The Skip Hop night lights have a 30 minute auto-off that slowly dims off, and a large on/off button to make it easy for little hands to switch the night light on or off, meaning they are also good as a bedside night light. The button was also pretty handy for me when checking on the kids as it’s nice and central on the back of the unit.

Skip Hop Monkey Night Light Back

The back of the Skip Hop Monkey Night Light Illuminated with red button

The illumination level of the skip hop monkey night light is reasonably bright, and I think a good level to have on the bedside table. But I did find it wasn’t that great as a light to walk around with, as the light is not directional. One issue is with the light coming out the front and back of the unit, so your eyes have light directly shining into them from the back of the nightlight as you walk around, which makes it challenging to see what is illuminated by the front of the light. Ideally the night light would be darker at the back, and ideally have a lens at the front that directed light on a downward angle to better illuminate the floor. It’s a small functional gripe, but one I hope they may improve in future.

Overall my son loves the light, and it’s getting a regular work out. The build quality appears pretty good, but I’ll check back in on this post when we’ve been using it for a few months. Currently I would recommend to consider a Skip Hop night light as a great gift idea and confidence booster at night.

How to gently train your toddler to sleep?

Wouldn’t MORNINGS be better if they started LATER?

Firstly, if you consistently use gentle sleep techniques, you can gradually teach your toddler to sleep independently and settle more easily. Most of the time toddler sleep battles result from separation anxiety, so being really tough on your toddler can make matters worse.

Happy Toddler

They sometimes just need a bit more time with you or some extra reassurance…

The most important thing is your child’s bedtime ritual. Your child’s bedtime needs to be:

  • Consistent – about the same time everyday and has the same events in the same sequence
  • Positive – bedtime should include enjoyable and positive activities – stories, songs
  • Short and sweet – less than 45 minutes, keep things simple with a forward momentum: go to the bathroom, then bedroom, then lights off.

And you might need a sleep training tool to help your little kid to sleep through the night and independently. So let me introduce SAM! Sam is an expert in sleep training and is ready to help your child to start the day fit and ready.

Sam Sleeptrainer - Main Features

Sam is also great for older children to learn to tell the time and use Sam as an alarm clock:

  • Analogue and digital time: easy for children to learn and understand
  • Alarm Clock: For those who prefer an alarm, choose from 3 sounds with adjustable volume

The sleeptrainer Sam will make a perfect night time companion and comforter. It is also a wonderful bedroom decor with its cute character to appeal to kids who like to sleep with a night light or just need a bit of reassurance to stay in bed.


  • Dimensions: 20 x 12 x 14cm approx.
  • LCD screen diameter: 7cm
  • Operates on AC/DC (included) or batteries (4xAA Batteries, not included)
  • Sam is not a toy and is tested according to EU regulations

How does sleeptrainer SAM do it?


Sleeptrainer SAM from Zazu is available at Motherslove.