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How to gently train your toddler to sleep?

Wouldn’t MORNINGS be better if they started LATER?

Firstly, if you consistently use gentle sleep techniques, you can gradually teach your toddler to sleep independently and settle more easily. Most of the time toddler sleep battles result from separation anxiety, so being really tough on your toddler can make matters worse.

Happy Toddler

They sometimes just need a bit more time with you or some extra reassurance…

The most important thing is your child’s bedtime ritual. Your child’s bedtime needs to be:

  • Consistent – about the same time everyday and has the same events in the same sequence
  • Positive – bedtime should include enjoyable and positive activities – stories, songs
  • Short and sweet – less than 45 minutes, keep things simple with a forward momentum: go to the bathroom, then bedroom, then lights off.

And you might need a sleep training tool to help your little kid to sleep through the night and independently. So let me introduce SAM! Sam is an expert in sleep training and is ready to help your child to start the day fit and ready.

Sam Sleeptrainer - Main Features

Sam is also great for older children to learn to tell the time and use Sam as an alarm clock:

  • Analogue and digital time: easy for children to learn and understand
  • Alarm Clock: For those who prefer an alarm, choose from 3 sounds with adjustable volume

The sleeptrainer Sam will make a perfect night time companion and comforter. It is also a wonderful bedroom decor with its cute character to appeal to kids who like to sleep with a night light or just need a bit of reassurance to stay in bed.


  • Dimensions: 20 x 12 x 14cm approx.
  • LCD screen diameter: 7cm
  • Operates on AC/DC (included) or batteries (4xAA Batteries, not included)
  • Sam is not a toy and is tested according to EU regulations

How does sleeptrainer SAM do it?


Sleeptrainer SAM from Zazu is available at Motherslove.

First solids: my baby’s kitchen basics

As a mum of 2 children, I think that only the very best will do when it comes to their health and happiness. All parents will certainly agree on that! When I started giving solid foods to my babies I was probably not aware enough of all the aspects this new step will be involving. I have gathered for you below the main aspects and some recommendations of the Health Department. Hope you find them useful!

First Baby's solid foods

Your little one may be ready to taste one or two solid foods, this exciting step is called “weaning”, which means you move your baby away from a milk only diet to a diet containing a variety of solid foods.


Exclusive breastfeeding is recommended for the first 6 months, unless otherwise advised by your health professional, solid foods in any form should not be started any earlier than 6 months. Many mums choose delaying weaning a bit longer and continuing to breastfeed, as we all know that breastmilk is such a perfect food for a baby.

Nevertheless, your baby does need to start eating some solids at about 6 months, as milk alone will not provide all the nutrients your little one needs for starting the second half of a busy first year!
You will have to find the perfect moments for introducing the very first food: not too early but not too late.

Is your baby ready?
You may want to consider introducing first foods when your baby:

  • does not seem satisfy with the usual amount of milk and starts to demand more feeds
  • appears to be more restless and starts to wake in the night, especially if he has learned to sleep through
  • shows an interest in your food

When and how to introduce foods?

  • choose a time of day when your baby is active, he will be more interested in new things.
  • choose a time when your baby is not starving, because he will want and expect milk. Half way through a milk feed may be a good time.
  • hold your baby upright on your lap so he can swallow easily.
  • offer the food on a small plastic spoon or on the end of your clean finger.

Are you fully equiped for weaning? You will probably find that you already have most of the equipment needed to make home-cooked meals for your child but certain items will facilitate food preparation.

Baby learning feeding himself


Equipment does not need to be expensive or complicated but you should look for items that will make preparing solid foods easy for you and that will later help your baby learn how to feed himself.


  • processors and blenders: electric food processors, liquidizers or hand blenders make it easy to puree large quantities of food quickly.

Boon Mush Hand Held BlendersBoon Food Container


Hand-held blenders are easy to clean and ideal for small quantities and to keep purees in the container provided with the blender.

Note: a metal-mesh sieve can be used to eliminate any fibrous material from purees for babies.

  • Baby chairs: A good bouncy chair that supports the back is ideal for babies who cannot yet sit unaided. Once he can sit upright, your little one can progress to a rigid highchair with safety harness.

Svan BouncerBouncy chairs are lightweight and may recline in different positions.

Boon Flair Highchair


Highchair should be wide based and sturdy with a wipe-clean tray.



  • Feeding kit: All you will need to start with is a small weaning bowl and a shallow plastic spoon, preferably made of soft, flexible plastic that will not hurt your baby’s tender gums.

Later on:
– suction-pads on bowls allow them to be secured to highchair trays
– feeding cups enable babies to learn to take fluids independently
– children’s cutlery should be made for little hands

Boon Sippy CupBoon Catch Bowl With SuctionBoon Children's Cutlery

Bibs: feeding can be messy! Protect your baby’s clothes with a bib.

soft cotton bibs should have a plastic backing
bibs with sleeves give the best all-over protection when your baby starts to feed himself
soft plastic pelican bibs with a shallow through are suitable for older babies.

At Motherslove we are stocking Boon products to assist you through your baby’s weaning step. As you may know a boon is something extremely useful and helpful and Boon Inc really honors its name as it offers the most innovative and practical products for your little one’s feeding. So if you do not know Boon Inc, be ready to be oohed and aahed over every products!


Organic Cotton Makes Healthy Clothes

It is true, people buy organic foods for the health benefits and even if it is usually significantly more expensive. But lately, the clothing market for organically grown cotton has been growing. Well, I actually found out that people buy clothing made from organic cotton for the same reason as organic foods: a healthier choice.

Organic Kids and Babies clothing

Certified organic cotton is cotton grown without the use of harmful pesticides, herbicides or artificial fertilizers. Organic cotton is extremely breathable, very soft, friendly to the skin to the point that it can be worn by people with chemical sensitivities and relieve some of the symptoms of eczema.

It is always tempting to go for the bargain clothes and ignore pricier organic cotton clothing. But do remember, the other stuff is cheaper because many costs have been externalized. Organic cotton growers and clothing manufacturers take responsibility for all costs: financial, environmental and human…

All right, enough said, as parents, you obviously want to limit your baby’s exposure to residue from chemicals involved with the production of non organic cotton, making fabric very hazardous for a baby’s skin.

At Motherslove, we are fully aware that babies and kids’ skin are very sensitive and more susceptible to allergies. That is why we are stocking the New Winter Collection from Purebaby and Purekids for you.

Purebaby Organic CothingPurebaby Organic CothingPurekids Organic Clothing

They offer beautiful and simple products using only organically grown and harvested cotton for babies and kids from 3 months to 8 years of age.

Stay Safe,

New Pediped Arrival!

Pediped, you have to get this shoe brand for your baby and toddler’s feet!

I would not have imagined that we can put so much innovation into a so small shoe. However you may know that our little precious’ feet deserve to get the right shoe for their developing feet. And I am not talking about the style or the right fit but about what shoes your baby and toddler need in order to learn and develop walking. This is why Pediped offers 3 products lines to fit each walking stage:

  • First Steps – Pediped Originals: ideal shoe for babies learning to walk with a soft, flexible sole that mimics barefoot walking.
  • Next Steps, from 9 months to 3 years – Pediped Grip n Go: perfect shoe for an active toddler gaining a confident walk with heel stability and soft toe box that allows their toes to grip the floor. Perfect combination of flexibility and protection.
  • Big Steps, from age 1 to 7 – Pediped Flex: dedicated to confident walkers, theses shoes have an arch support and flexible rubber sole along with their Flex Fit System that allows you to adjust the fit and prolong the wear and use of the shoes.

And in each style the shoes may have various features from Machine Washable, waterproof fabric, leather lining or even a Memory foam insole.

My 4 years old daughter is currently wearing a new Pediped style – Pediped Flex Violet Bronze and she just loves them! Not only because they are comfy with a Memory foam insole or because they are just gorgeous but simply because she can actually put them on and off so easily… not to mention how proud she feels when she can actually do something by herself!

On the Mum plus side, I would say that I am really impressed by the quality of the shoe outer, how many previous pairs of shoes she wore, came back after a first day out with scratches on the shoes! Well after a month of use my daughter Pediped Shoes are still shiny as new…

So now, the information you are all dying for is what is the price for a so luxurious shoe? Well that is the other plus side of the shoe, it is affordable and so you do not have to limit your choice to the shoe that will go with everything.

STOP, you do not need to run to your nearest shop to get one pair of these! Just relax and browse our Pediped wide range at Motherslove to select the pair that will suit your little one step! And do keep in mind, if you shop by 2pm, your parcel is shipped out the same day.