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Organic Cotton Makes Healthy Clothes

It is true, people buy organic foods for the health benefits and even if it is usually significantly more expensive. But lately, the clothing market for organically grown cotton has been growing. Well, I actually found out that people buy clothing made from organic cotton for the same reason as organic foods: a healthier choice.… Read More »

Baby and Kids Rainwear Essentials

In the second of our Winter Essentials series I’m looking at Rainwear essentials.  Key items of rainwear include raincoats, umbrellas and gumboots. Simple enough, but after using these items with our kids and reviewing new products for our website I’ve realised there are a few additional things to consider other than how colourful or pretty… Read More »

Is The Use Of PVC In Australia A Health Risk For Your Child?

PVC has been used in a range of products for years, and unlike Europe, is still used in children’s products in Australia. There is concern a softening chemical group used in PVC called Phthalates may affect the reproductive development in children. So why has the European Union banned the use of PVC in children’s toys… Read More »